July 13, 2019

Plastic Pollution Awareness

Event Description:

It’s almost impossible to go one day without using a single-use plastic before discarding it into the trashcan. The problem with most plastics is that they never really decompose, but instead break down into smaller and smaller pieces, even to microscopic levels when exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, the immense amount of plastic pollution produced in the last few decades is having a health and safety impact on seabirds, marine mammals, wildlife, and people. However, communities everywhere can be the solution to plastic pollution. For this Latino Conservation Week program, we will focus on building awareness on plastic pollution and ways we can reduce our plastic use to help the environment we all depend on.

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Date & time:
July 13, 2019
12:00 pm  -  2:00 pm

Council Point Park
River Dr, Lincoln Park, MI 48146
Lincoln Park, MI, 48146

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Questions: For Questions about this event, please contact Araceli Morales with US Fish and Wildlife Service at 3364172675 or amorale@umich.edu.

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