July 16, 2018

SVRC Youth Conservation Corp work day

Event Description:

Invasive species education and removal around Headquarters, 6975 Mower rd, Saginaw, MI (Autumn Olive and Buckthorn).
SVRC Youth Conservation Corp will be learning about invasive plant species that have taken over large areas of public lands. Youth will also learn techniques on how to remove invasive species, while also learning about multiple career choices.

Event Hosts:

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Date & time:
July 16, 2018
9am  -  2pm

Shiawassee National Wildlife Headquarters
6975 Mower rd
Saginaw, MI, 48601

Open to the Public:


Questions: For Questions about this event, please contact Gabriel Jimenez with Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) at 989-759-1669 or Shiawassee@fws.gov.

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