July 17, 2023

Forest Clean-Up in Pinecrest

Event Description:

In an effort to help conserve our beautiful outdoor environments, SJA will be contributing their efforts to provide clean-up and waste removal at their annually attended youth camp in Pinecrest. Youth camp is a very exciting experience for all who attend and also a very influential one for many who ultimately make steps towards living their lives for Jesus Christ! This experience very valuable to our youth, and in order to keep this event a pleasant experience, it’s important that we take measures to conserve and care for the earth (In this case the Pinecrest forest area in particular). 

Event Hosts:
Latino Conservation Week

Date & time:
July 17, 2023
Afternoon (Based on Release Time)  -  Early Evening (Based on Release Time)

Pinecrest Christian Conference Center
1140 Pine Crest Rd.
Twin Peaks, CA, 92391

Open to the Public:


Questions: For Questions about this event, please contact Albert Candelaria with San Jacinto Assembly of God at 3236800542 or albert@trinityrestore.net.

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