July 22, 2023

Caminata guiada por el bosque

Event Description:

John C. and Mariana Jones/Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area is a state public land managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to benefit wildlife and provide excellent recreational opportunities to visitors. Popular for fishing and hunting, this area also offers hiking, wildlife viewing, bicycling, horseback riding and camping opportunities.

Our “Caminata guiada por el bosque” event will be led by two FWC biologists who identify as latino/Hispanic, and all information will be provided in both English and Spanish. Biologists will lead Latino Conservation Week guests through approximately 2 miles of pine flatwoods, wet prairies and freshwater marshes as they point out to visitors the local wildlife and native plants while discussing how FWC manages and conserves the land. The guided hike will include a visit to the brand-new Hungryland Wetlands Crossing boardwalk constructed in 2023. The hike will offer guests opportunities to view healthy populations of wildlife such as white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, otters, alligators and a wide variety of wading birds. Visitors will be provided with binoculars during the hike for the opportunity the diverse birdlife of the area which includes Bachman’s sparrow, sandhill crane, swallow-tailed kite, and the imperiled limpkin and Everglades snail kite. After the hike, visitors will be invited to share a picnic together while enjoying the outdoors.

Event Hosts:
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Date & time:
July 22, 2023
9:30am  -  12pm

John C. and Mariana Jones/Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area
19200 Pratt Whitney Rd, Stuart, FL 34997
Stuart, FL, 34997

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Questions: For Questions about this event, please contact Camila Caceres with FWC at (850) 879-6973 or camila.caceres@myfwc.com.

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