July 22, 2021

Sky Islands and Climate Refugia Webinar

Event Description:

The mountains of Southern California are islands of biodiversity, rising from the sea of desert around them. These "sky islands" are home to many lizards, plants, and other creatures found nowhere else on Earth.

Follow their story through hundreds of thousands of years of changing climate to see how they reached the places we find them today, see how unprecedented new climate shifts are threatening them in the present, and learn what you can do to help build a resilient future for lizards, plants, (and everyone else!)

Presented by Colin Barrows, a Coachella Valley naturalist with the Mt. San Jacinto Natural History Association and CactusToCloud, who advocates for the conservation of open spaces and native species by working with local agencies to advance habitat conservation, recreational trails planning, and promote community science to grow public understanding and appreciation of desert ecosystems.

Event Hosts:
Consejo de Federaciones Mexicanas and CactusToCloud

Date & time:
July 22, 2021  -   July 22, 2022
5:30 PM  -  6:30 PM

Consejo de Federaciones Mexicana - Coachella
1515 Sixth St.
Coachella, CA, 92236

Open to the Public:


Questions: For Questions about this event, please contact Sendy Barrows with Consejo de Federaciones Mexicana - Coachella at 760-984-2724 or sbarrows@cofem.org.

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