July 17, 2021

Movie: The Future of Our Home

Event Description:

Short movie premiere on July 17: https://suwa.org/utah-silvestre/?utm_source=HAF&utm_medium=calendar&utm_campaign=LCW21_EN&utm_content=post_link

Forests are not alone in their valuable ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, turn pollutants into plant matter to address climate change. Our deserts are also vital for reducing atmospheric carbon, keeping fossil fuels in the ground, and being the homeplace for wildlife. 

On July 17, head to SUWA.org for the premiere of the extra short film, “The Future of Our Home”. This movie is in Spanish and English, focusing on the role that Utah's outstanding wild lands play in preventing mass extinction of wildlife, and addressing the climate emergency. 

Fossil fuel extraction on public land significantly harms Latino community health. But Latino querencia for our shared herencia can safeguard our health and our futures through the permanent protection of America’s red rock wilderness. Will you join Latinos for Utah wilderness? Visit SUWA.org on July 17!

Event Hosts:
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Date & time:
July 17, 2021  -   July 25, 2021
8: 00 AM  -  7:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV, 89014

Open to the Public:


Questions: For Questions about this event, please contact Matt Gross with Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance at 435-259-4316 or mathew@suwa.org.

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