July 18, 2020

Tony Silva Summer Love Concert Series

Event Description:

Join us for a special concert to celebrate National Forest Week and Latino Conservation Week with guitar virtuoso and composer Tony Silva.

As a child, Tony Silva listened to his father's music from Chile (where his dad grew up). He was captivated by the rhythms and melodies from the Andes Mountains. He started playing guitar at age 11 and played American folk and rock. Then in 2010 he got hired to play guitar at La Casita Azteca, a Mexican restaurant in Easthampton, MA. He didn’t want to play American music at the restaurant, so he started to learn to play music from Mexico (where his wife Michelle Marroquín is from), and music from South America.
One day he was playing at the restaurant and Alvaro Olvera was listening. He asked Tony if he wanted to get together to play some Rumba Flamenca (the music of the Gipsy Kings). That was when Tony fell in love with Spanish music and devoted himself to learning to play Rumba. It is a very difficult technique that involves percussion on the guitar’s body while strumming. He also learned other techniques of Spanish guitar including Picado (picking leads very fast with alternating fingers), Rasgueo (the typical Spanish sound of fanning your fingers across the strings continually), Pulgar (picking with the thumb), arpeggio (fast picking up and down the strings with individual fingers), and other techniques that make up the sound of Spanish guitar. That was the last time Tony used a pick to play guitar.
Now Tony studies the connect of Spanish music as the source of all the music he learned from Latin America. The result is a wide range of styles that make for an evening of music that is never dull because there is so much variety. His music is very romantic, but also exciting and celebratory.
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Event Hosts:

Corazon Latino, National Forest Week, Descubre el Bosque, Latino Conservation Week

Date & time:
July 18, 2020
9:00 PM ET  -  11:00 PM ET

Virtual Concert
Washington DC, DC, 20005

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