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02 August 2023

PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE: Latino Conservation Week Celebration Comes to ID

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This week is Latino Conservation Week, and 2023 marks the tenth year of the celebration. Latino Conservation Week began on July 15 and runs through July 23.

Devyn Hallamore, community conservation ambassador at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge outside Nampa, said the goal is to increase representation in outdoor recreation and reduce barriers to connecting with nature for Latinos.

"We're really big on making sure that all of our efforts are community driven," said Hallamore. "So we make sure that when we're planning these events, we're recruiting community members and organizations and having them help us lead the efforts and just facilitating it."

Latino Conservation Week is an initiative of the Hispanic Access FoundationEvents are taking place throughout the week in Idaho.

Hallamore said the refuge where she works is translating all its materials into Spanish, to reduce the language barrier for people in Latino communities. She said transportation is another obstacle to accessing the outdoors.

"One thing that we're doing with Latino Conservation Week to reduce that transportation barrier," said Hallamore, "is we're trying to make sure that we have activities throughout the week in all parts of the Treasure Valley - so that there's opportunities near people's homes, whether that's in Boise or Meridian or Nampa."

Hallamore said the ultimate goal is make everyone feel like they belong in outdoor spaces.

"We're still working in conservation and outdoor recreation," said Hallamore, "to make sure that everybody feels that sense of belonging when they're out in nature."

Written by Eric Tegethoff for Public News Media.

LCW is an Initiative of:

Latino Conservation Week is a collection of events from variety of organizations. Hispanic Access Foundation is only directly responsible for events in which it is listed as a sponsor.