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Evelyn Arredondo Ramirez
Email: evelyn@hispanicaccess.org

Evelyn Arredondo Ramirez

Digital Communications Manager

Evelyn first worked with Hispanic Access Foundation as a Latino Heritage Internship Program intern at the National Parks of Boston in 2018. In 2019, Evelyn had the opportunity to work with Hispanic Access again as a Programs Assistant for the MANO Project. Interning with Hispanic Access inspired her to join the team as a Programs Associate, and she now works as a Digital Communications Associate. Evelyn also serves as the founder and team lead of Hispanic Access’ Our DREAMS Scholarship program, an initiative serving undocumented youth.

Evelyn is from Bakersfield, California and is a first-generation college graduate with her bachelor’s degree in American studies from The George Washington University (GW). A trailblazer, Evelyn was selected to be part of the inaugural Cisneros Scholars cohort at the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute at GW. Through her time with the institute, she became passionate about serving Latino communities. An advocate for social justice, Evelyn served as a 2017-18 Trabajadoras Senior Fellow under the Labor Council for the Latin American Advancement, and as a 2018 Young People For Fellow. Having learned so much from these fellowships, Evelyn continues to advocate for Latina wage equity, empowerment of young Latinas, and ensuring access to resources for underserved communities.

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